Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yellowstone, Wyoming: Day 1 & Day 2 ( allana )

the sign that is everywhere. buffalo can run 3x faster than you. just so you know.
In Yellowstone Park we had a once in a life time experience. When arriving in Yellowstone on the first day, before entering the park we saw humongous canyons of colorful rocks surrounding us. Upon our entering we were given a map of the park and the animals that we will be able to see. While reading it aloud we noticed that there was a buffalo walking on the same road that we were driving on. Of course we weren’t going to wait for it to continue walking while we were behind it so we drove around it and we were about 4 inches away from its body. COOL ! We countiued to drive around on the road in seach of our campsite. About 10 minutes after leaving the buffalo we saw a amazing lake that flooded a lot of trees and on the hill above the road we could see trees that had been hit by the forest fire. (More than 1,000 trees had been dead ; Im just guessing)  After seeing the lake we continued to drive and then we spotted tons of bison, adults and children. But that’s not what everyone was looking at. It was bears!!!!! A mother and its 2 cubs walking in the field near the mountains. That got everybody in the van excited. For the rest of the way everyone was pointing out some sites they saw and then we finally arrived at our campsite. We had a lot of space and we automatically started to get our work done so we could see some stuff that was near by. When we got done we headed to the car and got back on the road. We went to a sight that had different colors of rocks everywhere we turned and when we walked up a few stairs we saw a water fall. It was amazing. From there on we got into the van and when we arrived at our site it was dinner time.  YAY! We went to a lodge that was right across the street from us and had a delicious dinner. (Ana and I had meatballs with tomato sauce and noodles, with a side of fruit and a vegetable platter; two thumbs up) After dinner Ms. Armstrong and Andrew went to bar and they left Mary in charge. She took us out for ice cream, that was a plus! Soon after sitting outside eating ice cream we waited for the adults to come back out and we went to our campsite. Mary and Mei really wanted braids so their hair could be curly when they took it out so we got their hair a little wet and I started to braid Mary`s hair, but I had to teach Ana how to make cornrows so I did one on Mei`s hair and told her to do her best with the others. After she was done with Mei`s hair it was . . . interesting. But we congratulated Ana for her hard work and a good job for the first time and Mei loved it. After I was done with Mary`s hair I started Ana`s and then we saw a huge flash of lightning, that’s when we knew it was time to go to bed. That night was the worst night, at least for Ana. There was a wild thunderstorm and during the night she got wet, I mean soaked and could barely sleep for the rest of the night. I on the other hand had a pleasant sleep and didn’t hear a thing J . In the morning, we all got out of the tent and ate breakfast. We got into the van and drove around; we visited Thermal Spring which is steam from boiling hot water that creates mist in the air. When we arrived at Old Faithful we had to wait about a hour to see it so we had lunch (meatball sandwiches) and then we went out on the lodges balcony and waited. We decided to get ice cream, since we all decided it is never cold to not get ice cream. While eating the ice cream we quickly got some rocking chairs in the front row of the balcony and about 15 minutes Old Faithful erupted. Water squirted out of the hole and went straight in the air. It was a great experience.  When we got to the campsite we pack up our things and depated Yellowstone a day early. We decided that one night in a wet tent was enough.
lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
sharing a rocking chair at the lodge

Old Faithful

a river

setting up camp, again

us in the snow


buffalo about 10 ft away from parking lot


mei's new look, ugh

mary's cornrows

there's a plaque there that tells you not to walk near it, there is a thin crust

We were headed to Montana.

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