Monday, July 4, 2011


for our first day, we got woken up at 6:30 in the morning. none of us were to happy about it.
we left our driveway at exactly 8:00 on the dot.

(left to right) mary, mei, ana, allana 

on the way to the campsite, we saw a sign for a covered bridge, and we made a detour to go see it. it was extremely cool.
we arrived at our campsite 6 hours later. we watched Mama Mia in the car on the laptop, which passed the time well, but still, very, very long drive. we also listened to The Calder Game, which is a very good book.
we went to Falling Water after we set up our tent at Ohiopyle State Park, which is about a ten or so minute drive from Falling Water.
Falling Water was beautiful. It is definitely something you should visit. Frank Lloyd Wright has inspired us a lot, especially Eliza (ana, mary, and mei's mom).
after falling water, we ate dinner, set up our sleeping bags, got on our bathing suits, and went to the river in the middle of town. there was rocks, rapids, and mini waterfalls. it was so much fun. we were all running around on the rocks that were in the middle, while Eliza sat on the bank, lifeguarding.
the next day we drove to Pittsburg. there we went up an incline, which was really cool. we also visited Eliza's old house, which was huge. Pennsylvania was a lot of fun. a great way to start the trip

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