Tuesday, July 5, 2011


so, in the morning we woke up and piled in the car to start the drive to Ohio.
on our way to Oregon, Ohio (btw, we just stayed in Ohiopyle State Park in Penn., and now we're going to Oregon, Ohio. it's all very confusing) mei was talking about how she wanted to visit her friend who had just moved to Chicago, Daniel M. and guess who drives up? Daniel's dad. he and Andrew and Eliza talk for a bit, in that screaming kind of way, and then he goes ahead of us, a Graydon sticker on the back (Ridgewood's local pool).
Andrew, Allana, Mei, Ana &Mary setting up the only tent
after a few more hours of driving, we arrived at Marmee State Park. we set up camp really quickly, threw on some bathing suits, and went to Lake Erie, where we went swimming for a little bit. Marmee State Park is full of RV, campers, trailers, motor homes, etc. we're not kidding when we say that we were one of three tents in the whole park. and the other two were next to RV's.
soon after, we went to a minor league baseball game in Toledo, which is a few minutes away from Oregon.
it was the Toledo Mud Hens versus the Columbus Clippers. it was a lot of fun, and the meatball sandwiches were good.
let me tell you, the people of Toledo are very interesting. they are either overweight, or spray-tanned. as i said, interesting.
after the game, we went back to the camp and went to bed.
in the morning, me (ana) and eliza woke up to the sound of crashing thunder. i quickly woke up allana, and i convinced my mom that we had to take down camp really quickly and get out of there. that was at 7:00. we left the campground at 9:30, on our way to Chicago.

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