Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Hills Day 3 (Ana)

We woke up, got dressed, you know, the usual morning routine with camping.
And had breakfast of course. After that we went to Sylvan Lake, where we just hung out all day. It wasn’t very exciting; we just went swimming and climbed on rocks. Where actually, I got a very bloody toe, and scraped the back of my leg trying to shimmy down a step rock that curved inn the middle and had a tree in front of it.

Falling off of that onto the ledge on the bottom also gave me a few cuts on my hands.
Not really a big deal.

Sylvan Lake
After we had been swimming for a while, I got my dad to go onto the rocks with us (allana, me, and Mary). He had heart attacks almost every other minute, which actually got really annoying after a while. We tried to get him to take off his flip-flops, which were not helping with climbing at all. He just freaked out a little more.

After swimming, we went back to the campsite to have these amazing hot dogs, that is if hot dogs can be amazing, but anyway these were, made of whatever animals I don’t even know. They were just really good. Then we roasted marshmellows, which are always good, with this guy named Paul who my dad asked to join us, who was yet another ‘interesting’ person, and Mei’s friend Carrie, who was just a flat out annoying kid. She woke me up one morning, which trust me, I do not like, at all, talking to my dad about her brother’s hair color. As I was saying, an annoying kid. Even her dad came down to talk to us when she came to yatter at us when we were setting up camp that we could just kick her out if she was being to annoying. I’m paraphrasing, but still… it says something that even her own father mentioned it.

mary sporting her cowboy hat, me sporting pajamas, and mei just being, well, mei

the pretty view at sunset
So marshmellows was annoying. But then my dad ordered Allana and me to go to the top of the hill near our campsite to find whatever was there. He was practically begging us when we finally agreed. So when we got to the top of the hill, there was more hill, this time only made of rocks, which we climbed and explored. There was this sort of path on the top, where we stumbled along, trying not to fall off the edge, which of course would just ruin the entire trip. Even though I almost pushed allana down this slit in the rock, where she almost fell, and then got really mad at me about it when she didn’t. Anyway, I went out onto this random ledge, where I found the most gorgeous view so the whole trip of tromping through tick filled grass and the bordered poison ivy path was worth it. The great thing was, we had to make that trip 4 or 5 more times to show everyone else. Yay. 

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