Sunday, July 17, 2011

La Crosse, Wisoconsin

after the Dells, we needed a place to stay before we headed to South Dakota.
we decided on La Crosse, a small college town right on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin.
we stayed in a Marriott, where there was a jacuzzi in our room, and we were actually comfortable.
we went to dinner at Buzzard Billy's, which had such good bbq food, it was awesome. the place is decorated really well too. after dinner, we decided we all deserved ice cream, for almost being halfway there, and we went to this cute little ice cream shop across the street called the Pearl Ice Cream Parlor, where we had delicious ice cream.
mei, allana, and ana, freezing our butts off at Buzzard Billy's
we got a good nights sleep, and in the morning we went to Fayze's. we all had amazing food there (best breakfast yet), and our waitress was so nice it was scary. we also ordered from their bakery to go.

we left La Crosse with full, satisfied, stomachs, destination Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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