Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Hills, Day 2

the next day, we woke up, and had our daily dose of Captin' Crunch, and got ready for the day.
we started out with going to Crazy Horse, where we went to the top of the arm, thanks to my Uncle Harlan (thank you Coben Family!), who got us a special private tour. it was incredible. a spectacular view.
aren't we so attractive in our hard hats?
Crazy Horse
"i'm ready for my close up"
after Crazy Horse, we went to the Purple Pie Place, which had really, really good Mac & Cheese, and where you can get top-notch pie. seriously, that pie is some good stuff. ana got Bumbleberry(an assortment of berries) and allana got peach (just peach).
after Purple Pie Place, we went on a drive in Custer to see buffalo!!
lets just say, man, those things are big. and there's lots of them. we also had some donkeys come up to our window.
we are in our car, btw
after that, we went to a lake, sat for a while and read, all of us chilln' like a villans.
then, we went to our Chuckwagon Dinner!!!!!!!!!
if you've never been to a chuckwagon, you should go. it's tons of fun, and you get nice cowboy hats.
us in our stylish hats
what you do: sit in a wagon that is pulled by a pickup truck, and two guys are in the front, and they sing cowboy songs and play the guitar and ukulele and we all have to join in. the best part was, when the guy asked to stop the wagon, so he could go into the woods and go to the bathroom.
Neal and Curtis, our chuckwagon cowboys
when we got to the valley, where we were to have dinner, some of the other musicians from different wagons played more cowboy songs when we eat our dinner. the cookies were huge.
dinner. allana refused to wear the hat the entire time.
then it was time for the dancing. we are not proud of these pictures. but, seriously, it was the hokey-pokey and the chicken dance. you can't really look good while doing those dances.
 we took a "shortcut"back to where the cars were, went back, read a bit, and zonked out.

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