Friday, July 22, 2011

Cody, Wyoming (allana)

After we deported the black hills in South Dakota we started out for Wyoming.
On the way to Wyoming there was tons of farmland and animals walking through empty fields. We took a detour to get a chance to see the Devils Tower (you might have seen it in a few movies before).  The shape and size of the sculpture is amazing and was a once in a life opportunity for us to see it up close.
devil's tower
On the way leaving the Devils tower we saw tons of mountains with big boulders surrounding it. When we arrived at our campsite, which was called Pondarosa, we were so excited to see that we were going to sleep in a teepee. We drove down a hill were we saw the teepee that we were going to stay in. Andrew pretended to have no brakes while going down the mountain which I found hilarious but everyone else was terrified. we put our stuff out of the teepee, and then we went out to have dinner at “Cassie’s”. ( the food was okay, wasn’t the best) They had live entertainment and it was also the first time I tasted Squid. (which was surprisingly tastey :)
"I'm a Cowgirl!!"
part time cowgirl, part time mother
After dinner we went to a rodeo.  It was known to be “ the longest  running rodeo in the world”. Before entering the rodeo mei decided to dress up in her homemade cowgirl coustume consisting of a bandana around her mouth  with a buffalo on it , a cowgirl hat,  and a bandana in her back pocket.   We took our seats and saw the cowboys riding horses and lassoing cattle.  We also saw girls around the ages of 7 – 12 attempt dangerous stunts while riding horses around the rodeo field.  Then, we saw young girls and  older women compete in how much time it took to go around 3 different barrels. By the time we left the rodeo we were all exhausted and when we arrived at the campsite we quickly brush our teeth and jumped in our sleeping bags in the teepee, read a little then went to bed.
us, asleep in our teepee. do you see the grass?
In the morning we woke up to toast and butter and the sound of the river that was behind us.  We walked down to see the river and it was beautiful. Ms. Armstrong says her favorite part of the campsite.

our protective door

We packed up, and started the drive to the great Yellowstone.

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