Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Hills, Day 1

after that dreaded day at Jellystone, we headed off for the fantastico Black Hills.
we got there, and went to our campsite.
see the tent? ana was sleeping on the edge (ugh)
our site was up 20 small steps made out wood. so, what we had to do was lug everything up the hill to the actual campsite. it took a long time.
our tent didn't really fit into the designated box where the tent was supposed to go, so we lost space because the ends were hanging off the edges.
then we went to Mount Rushmore, which was really beautiful. we listened to a park ranger tell us a little bit about the sculpture, and then we walked up closer to the sculpture.
us and the presidents
is it a thumb or a head????? (answer-head)
Ana, Mei, Eliza, and Mary (or at least part of her)
the steps
after Mount Rushmore, we took a nice, scenic drive around Custer State Park, where we were staying.
it is a beautiful place. if you ever visit South Dakota, i think you should definitely go to Custer. it's right around all the landmarks, and you can see a lot of wildlife there too. it's great there.
after the view, we went to the campsite,  had dinner, and went to our sleeping bags.

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