Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spokane, Washington (ana)

So, we decided we needed a break; cause we still had 5 more hours of driving to go.

My mom was trying to make Allana talk; we all were, but my mom especially. She was trying to make her pick a place where we could stop for dunch (a combo or lunch and dinner, for those who do not know. There is also linner, but we like dunch better). Allana loves green beans, so, after she couldn’t find, that is, decide, on a place, my mom just took the Iphone (it’s a lifesaver, my dad’s) and found this Chinese place that had green beans.

It is called Gordy’s Sichuan CafĂ©, which is not a very Chinese sounding name, and also there was the fact that no Chinese people worked at the place, but everyone said it was the best Chinese food they had ever had. Me? I thought it was pretty good, really good actually, but the best would be reserved for this random place in Bolivia. But I haven’t been to China yet, so…
Anyway, it’s really good food. If you’re ever in Spokane, go to Gordy’s.
to the left.

After, we got ice cream at a Baskin Robin’s, which was also yum.

we continued our way out to Snoqualmie, which is where the Uncle Matthew, Aunt Doe, Kaitryn, and Eamon live, a town about 15 minutes outside of Seattle. Another, 5, long hours from Spokane.

So, we felt like now would be a good chance to let Uncle Matthew know that we were coming a day early. He was cool with it, because that’s just how Uncle Matthew is.

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