Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bozeman, Montana (Ana)

la quinta

We had decided to skip out on one more night in Yellowstone after our little incident with the tent, and we had seen old faithful, so we decided just to sleep in a hotel in someplace in Montana. We had dinner at this really cool restaurant called The Garage. We sat outside, but with our great weather luck, it started raining. So we went inside to a booth, and the inside was even cooler than the exterior. The bathroom was a bit disconcerting, it being covered mirrors, even the ceiling, but even that was cool in an awkward way.
the garage
After our healthy dinner, we went to a La Quinta, where we had the best sleep because it was actually on a bed! Can you believe it?
In the morning, we woke up very happy, and had breakfast and whatever, and got on the road.
There had been a debate the night before whether we should just cannonball to Seattle, and arrive a day early, or go to our campground in Idaho. Allana and my mom were up for not driving for 10 hours, but the rest of us were fine with it, as long as we got to see our family sooner.
We decided to cannonball.

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