Monday, August 15, 2011

Willard Bay, Utah (ana)

welcome to utah!
a guy we saw who is waving to us. we think this is a 700 horsepower

after driving through the bottom part of idaho, and most of utah, we went arrived at Willard Bay, Utah, which is right outside of Salt Lake City. our campground is actually on a bay of the great salt lake.
part of our site
so we got there and set up our tent. our site was huge. it was shaded in one part, where we put the tent, and sunny in the other part. the utah sun is rough. you can feel yourself getting burned.
so, we set up camp, had dinner, which was really good, and then my dad went to the town to see if a bar had the Man. United game, and we went swimming.
well, kind of swimming. it's more like wading in your bathing suits. but it was nice, and we got to watch the sunset over the lake, which was beautiful. like, amazing.
we finished up, dried off, and walked back not on the main drive, but on a dirt path that we hoped would lead out to an entry by our campsite. well, we were walking for a little longer than we would have thought it would be, but it turned out, it was the right path, and as we walked up to the site, my dad drove up. the United match hadn't been on at the bar, which was annoying.
we all got into the tent, and fell asleep.
us reading in the tent
the next morning, we had breakfast, got ready, and left Willard Bay.
we drove through Salt Lake City on our way to Grand Junction, Colorado.
a cool thing was that we kept on seeing these giant white letters on the side of the mountain.
we figured they spelled Brigham Young, because the letters we saw all fit. and the mormon temple is in Salt Lake City. i thought i saw it on a hill (a giant castle), but i wasn't sure.
the rest of utah was the desert. most of our drive we saw no civilization.
the view for most of utah
this is what my dad was imatating
that is except for a Wendy's where this little girl was hugging everyone, and became like best friends with my mom. and then there was this man who went into the bathroom, even though someone was already there, and stayed there. that wendy's was... colorful.
then there was this one way road where we had to wait for 10 minutes or so, and we were second in line out of maybe 50 cars, and my dad got out and did his special transmission dance. god. we even have a video to prove it, but it's not going on the internet. not in a million years. but the video has lady gaga, mary screaming, allana laughing hysterically, me yelling, and mei laughing and crying at the same time. it's interesting.

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