Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Way Back Home (ana)

after driving through Maryland, and parts of Pennsylvania, we came into Harrisburg, the capital of PA.
it was dark, and we were all tired, and it was raining, but my mom had found a place called Neato Burrito, a burrito place.
the burritos were huge, so two of us shared one, and in twenty minutes we were in and out of there, our stomachs full.
us, not looking so hot
the rest of the drive was kind of scary.
my mom drove the rest of the way home, in the dark rain. there were points where you could barely see the car next to you.
she had forgot to put the headlights on, it turns out. but it's okay! she wasn't being stupid. they usually turn on with our automatic key, but since we lost that back in Utah, we had to use the other one, which doesn't automatically turn on the headlights.
there was also this point, where two huge trucks came speeding by us, one on either side which was terrifying. they were shaking and it was dark and raining. lets just say, not the best experience.
when we got home, it was around 11:00 pm.
we were all really happy to be home, but we loved this trip, and i hope that you liked reading about our adventures.
the odometer at the end of the trip- 7,347.9 miles
now allana is already back in school, my mom's teaching already, and mary, mei, and i all start school in a week. my dad's becoming a spin teacher, and he's foot's pretty much all healed.
we would just like to say thank you to all the people who read our blog, loaned us movies, recommended places to eat, loaned us supplies, and just gave us support.
thank you for reading!

-ana, allana, mary, mei, eliza, & andrew


  1. I am reading backwards! I should restart at the beginning and work forward. It's good to know from the start that you all made it back OK with no stabbings (although I am anxious to find out what happened to Ace's foot!).

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