Friday, August 5, 2011

Portland, Oregon: Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3. ( allana )

After leaving Seattle, we headed for Portland with Matthew, Doreen, Kaitryn, and Eamon behind us.  The drive was 2 and a half hours and we spent it by reading books, listening to music off the iTouch, and Mary and Mei watched movies.  Throughout the drive the two vans would pull up on the side of each other just to say hello to each other. When we arrived at The Kennedy School Hotel we all took a look at the rooms to see which one we would be sleeping in. When we figured out which one we would be staying in (Me, Ana, & Kaitryn) we figured out who would get the beds. It was the King bed for me and Kaitryn one night and The King bed for Ana and Kaitryn one night. (It was only right that Kaitryn got the King bed both nights since she allowed us to stay in her room for 3 nights).
kaitryn and allana at 12:30 am
When everyone was settled down we all decided that we should get in the soaking pool. We all got changed and met in the pool with the rest of the family. We stayed in the pool for a while until it was time for us to have dinner.  We got dried off and showered and got ready to watch a movie. But when we got to the movie theater at the hotel we found out that the movie was sold out. So instead we walked a few blocks up and a few blocks over from were we were staying and went to a restaurant called ‘Vita Café‘. (They had delicious food. My Cesar salad was amazing, but not recommended if you’re a meat lover, it’s a vegetarian and vegan joint).  
ana and mei outside Vita Cafe
Soon after see walked back to the hotel and got prepared for bed. Ana, Kaitryn, and I stayed up a little late watching videos which affected us the next day because we were all kind of sleepy. 

In the morning we went out for biscuits (Ana`s obsession). Most people order egg, cheese and some type of meat, and others ordered biscuit with jelly. (THIS BISCUIT PLACE ‘Pine State Biscuit’ IS HIGLY RECOMMENDED!) (side note, ana here: biscuts are the most amazing food on earth and it's not fair that they're none in Bergen County. so if anyone from Pine State Biscuts is reading this right now, i'm telling you to open one in N.J. i can't go another 3 years without them. just saying)
the biscut shop
We sat outside the store and ate our biscuits in peace. 
After everyone was done eating we went to Washington Park. While Mary and Mei were playing in the park being watched by Andrew, Ms.Armstrong, Ana, Kaitryn, Doreen, Matthew, Eamon, and I went to the rose garden to see all the different types of roses. The roses there was incredibly beautiful and the aroma of the roses were so appealing. We walked around the entire rose garden and admired the flowers that we saw. When we were done we meet up with Andrew, Mei, and Mary, and waited around while some of the people went in the gift shop. 
voodoo doughnuts
after, we went to Powell's Books, where everyone got 2 or 3 books. Kaitryn got like 5 or 6. then we went to Voodoo Doughnuts where they have really weird types of doughnuts. and names. so, this is where eamon had really wanted to go, after seeing a Food Network thing.
exterior of the kennedy school
you got that right
 When they come back we went back to the hotel and went in the soaking tub for about 20 minutes. We decided to get out early so we can have seats for the movie. We all arrived in the movie theater and watched the film ‘Kung Fu Panda’. When the movie was over we went to a restaurant called. ‘Laughing Planet’, a Mexican Restaurant, were they serve amazing food.  It was so delicious, everyone would recommend this place to eat because they had amazing service and even more amazing food. Dinner was done and we got back to the hotel.
matthew and andrew
Just like the other night we stayed up watching video , but this time we minused 2 hours.  When we woke up the next morning, we realized that it would be our last day together. In the morning we got our things pack and loaded it into the van. For breakfast we ate at ‘The Tin Shed ‘were they had great French Toast, and amazing fresh fruit. They also had good tea and fresh hot coffee. Everybody enjoyed their breakfast that morning and after everyone was done we all depart the store and met up near the cars. While everyone was around we all said our goodbyes and gave hugs and kisses. It was a sad moment but in the end everyone was happy they saw each other.
Before we knew it we were leaving Portland and going to Farewell Bend, Oregon.

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