Monday, August 29, 2011

Stonewall Jackson Campground, West Virginia (ana)

we missed the real West Virginia welcome sign, but i took a picture of a miniature one at a rest stop.
you can see the picnic table in the backround
my mom found some place called Stonewall Jackson Campground (the civil war general), and decided we were going to camp there.
we had no idea what would just happen there.
when we got to the check in station, the nice lady there, who's name Becca, came up to our car. after telling my parents what we can't do, my mom turns around and goes, "Girls, did you hear that? that mean no alcohol, and no pot."
she was joking of course. but mei, being 7, took it literally.
so she decides to scream, "NO POT!!!!" loud enough for both Becca and the next car to hear. she of course means no pots, for cooking.
but we all find this hilarious, and bust out laughing. ohhh, mei.
no pot, hehe.
after we calm down, we drive down this road, trying to find the on for the campsite. this is a nice campground, and i know there's also a golf course, marina, two lodges, and cabins, along with the campground. it's a pretty nice place.
but the issue is, we cannot find the campsite. it's campsite 2. but when we get there, there's already some family with a bunch of little kids in it. they're staring at us, on account of both us staring at them, and the flames on our minivan. we continue around the loop, thinking there must be another section. there isn't
we drive around a few more times. we still cannot find it.
now we decide to see if there's another place to camp. so we drive around part of resort, looking for more. which we can't find.
we go back to Becca. she tells us it's right next to the parking lot in the campground. we go back. still can't find it. we go back to Becca. she explains in detail on the map where it is.
we go back to the campground. and we finally find it.
but hey, it's not our fault we couldn't. this campsite goes down this hill, where the only access is by a foot path. but we like this campsite. it has a big platform to put the tent on (where it barely fits. is that saying something?), and it has a small inlet jutting out into the lake, which we can walk down to the small beach and play with the sand, and don't go swimming in because walking in it you can tell there's more duck poop on the floor than sand. but all in all, this is one of the best campsites yet. that is, until later.
our site
after trudging up and down the path to get all the stuff down there, we set up camp, and then just hang out. my dad goes in the minivan to check the restaurants out at the lodge, and we all just mess around, almost swinging mary into the water, and losing her shoe in the process, and me having to climb down into the duck poop water and get it.
my dad gets back, and tells us that we're going to have to get a little cleaned up before we got to dinner. so we drive to the bathrooms, get cleaned up, and head over to the lodge.
the restaurant we ate at Stillwaters, or something like that. we had a nice dinner, where we met this nice family who had a very cute baby.
and we also became like best friends with the waitress, who was also really nice.
good food
we went back to the bathrooms, to pee and brush our teeth and such, and then got into the tent.
i pretended to be asleep, and eventually did fall asleep, but was awoken in the middle of the night.
so my dad had decided he really needed to pee in the middle of the night (all boys seem to have to a lot), and he got out of the tent.
but the issue is, when my dad wakes up in the middle of the night, he's really never really awake. so for some reason, my dad decided to get out the side next to my mother, where no one ever gets out.
it was also the side on the high side of the platform.
it was also that platform my dad fell off of.
it's about 3 ft off the ground
he grabbed the tent when he fell, shaking it so much, we all woke up.
my mom and mary were first. when i woke up, saying "what is going on?' over and over again, they were both sitting up, asking my dad if he was okay.
allana never opened her eyes, but in the morning, she told us she was awake the whole time. i don't think mei talked at all, but she was awake. i think.
anyway, my dad's foot got pretty busted up. he had huge cuts on it in the morning.
after he went to the bathroom, he got back in the same way.
and here's the funniest part. not that this whole situation should be funny, but this was.
he could not figure out where he was sleeping.
so he was crawling around the tent, going "where am i sleeping" and my mom and i screaming "right here!" pointing in between us, while he was on the complete opposite side of the tent. (the order for that night was mei, allana, mary, me, my dad, my mom. try to imagine it)
he eventually got in the right spot. we were all a little pissed about being woken up, so when he took out his iPhone, we both got mad. he told me later he was trying to see his foot. sorry for that.
the next morning, we saw it, and it was not flattering. i'm not going to post a picture of it, because it is disgusting.
no offense to my dad's foot or anything.
then we went to the pool and went swimming for an hour or so, where my dad iced his foot, and my mom worked out.
then we left for a place my parents had been looking forward to this entire trip, especially my mom.
Berkeley Springs, WV.

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