Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Topeka, Kansas

while we were driving to Topeka, it was pain.
it never went under 100 degrees the entire time from Denver to Topeka. at least we got to stay in a hotel
we stopped at this random restaurant in Goodland, Kansas, on the way to Topeka, which is a very, very small farming you can't really call it a town type of town. the restaurant is called Crazy R's, and it's actually pretty good.
everyone stared at us when we walked in, because we weren't locals. but it was yum, and we got these good healthy shaved ice type of things, which just adds to it all.
haha. we should've used the side door. (yeah, not really)
mei, me, and allana, drinking our smoothies
when we got to topeka, it was dinner time, and we went to this great barbeque place called Boss Hawgs. the chicken is good.
when we were walking back to the car, we figured out that we left one of the doors of the car open.
thankfully, nothing was stolen, but it was still a close call.
that night we stayed in a Super 8, which have a reputation of being not the best, but this one was actually pretty good. my dad calls it a Super 10.
allana and i got the bed that night, but the problem was, i couldn't sleep for 3 hours after we turned out the light. not the best sleep.
the next morning we had breakfast, went swimming in the pool, and left the Super 8.
my mom said we were going to have lunch at a special place, but she wouldn't tell us what it was.
first though, we went to Brown vs. Board of Education Museum. it all started in Topeka, which none of us knew.
but it was there, the museum in one of the schools that were involved in the case.
the museum was really cool. we were only there for about a half hour, but that was plenty of time. we learned a lot about Brown vs. Board of Ed. you should definitely check it out if you ever go there. especially if your mom is a teacher like mine.
we left the museum with a few postcards and a pencil for mei.
it was pretty cool.
then we drove to Kansas City, Kansas, which isn't too far from Topeka, just an hour.
so, the restaurant was called Fritz's, and it was closed. but there was another location in Kansas City, Mo. but my mom still wouldn't tell us what it was, which is annoying.
we drove to the other Kansas City, and we it turned out, this one was in a mall.
so we eventually found it, and it turns out Fritz's is a burger french fry type of place, otherwise known as fast food, but they do it a little differently.
the way you get your food is that there's a train track near the top of the ceiling, and it has a little tray underneath it, which a basket is put on, which has your food inside. so the train goes on the track to your table, and the basket slides of onto this elevator, which brings the basket down to your table. also, you order on a phone which is at your table.
the milkshakes are to die for, but an actual server brings that to your table.
people watching the trains
mei was transfixed by the whole thing, but i was occupied with getting those awful hats off my parents. the rest was very cute though. and the burgers were good.
you can see just how happy i am
good god

we left that mall and drove to our next stop- St Louis, Missouri.

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