Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Berkeley Springs, WV (ana)

my parents always celebrate their wedding anniversary by going away for a weekend to somewhere that has an old movie theater. don't know why, it's just always been that way.
so for the first year, my dad wanted to surprise my mom, and someone told him about the springs. so he blindfolded my mom and brought her to the baths. the baths is really the only destination of Berkeley Springs. they are healing waters, and it was perfect timing for my dad. us kids weren't allowed to do it, which stinks, but it all turned out fine.
when we got to Berkeley Springs, we drove around, trying to find the creepy bed & breakfast my parents stayed at, and then went to the baths.
when my parents set up, we messed around in this weird river thing, saw George Washington's bathtub (he visited a lot), which wasn't very big. the water was freezing, but it was nice.
after my parents started their baths, we went to this ice cream place.
the guy was kind of scary. mei and mary liked him, and allana thought he was funny, i just thought he was a creep. i barely understood a word he said, too.
we walked around the block, looking at the old theater where we were going to see Mr Popper's Penguins that night, which is the same theater my parents went to.
the theater
when we got back to the baths, we put our feet in some of the outside springs, but it was freezing cold, and there were tons of bugs that were trying to bite us, and give us bug bites, so we went back to the car.
in the car we watched The Partridge Family, an old TV show. it was actually pretty good, but the clothes they wore were terrible. it did take place in the 70's, so i guess...
(susan dey looks exactly like vanessa hudgens)
so we sat their, in a hot car watching The Partridge Family, until my parents came back, all refreshed.
some of us wanted to just head straight home, while others wanted to watch the movie and have dinner.
but the movie was in another 2 hours, and all the restaurants didn't look so good, so we headed back home.

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