Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Denver, Colorado (ana)

when we got to Denver, we checked into our hotel, yet another La Quinta.
btw, those hotels are very nice, and it the price really depends on the location.
we went into the room, and just hung out in the hotel, on the computer, taking much needed showers. allana, mei, mary, and my mom went down to the pool, and i wanted to shower.
we got dressed, and went out to a mexican restaurant called Los Carboncitos, which my mom's coworker- Ms. M, recommended to us. it was really good food. i like the tortilla chips a lot. but that was fun, and they had a mariachi band, which was good, and they also had Spanish soap operas, and dancing and singing shows, which are so funny to watch.
man, i love spanish soap operas.
after that, we drove around denver, just checking things out. it seems like a really cool city, but for adults. it didn't seem all that kid friendly, from what we saw. but we did see a giant blue bear, and Union Station, so all that was fun.
union station
this was in front of some museum

then we went back to the hotel, where allana and i got the floor (ack), and we got a good nights sleep.
the next morning, we got up, and got dressed, and tried to look presentable to go downstairs for breakfast.
the breakfast was good, and we had already it before, and we knew what we liked and didn't like. the chocolate muffins are good, even though you can probably get a cavity from just one.
we made a group decision. we were all starting to get a little homesick (except for my mom, who really doesn't care where she sleeps "as long as i'm with the people i love." yeah right), and we all wanted to get through corn country and rednecks as fast as we could. so, we decided to leave Denver asap, and drive through the rest of Colorado and all of Kansas, to Topeka. it's about 8 and a half hours, more or less. it seemed a little shorter.
we passed through all these rich skiing towns, where stars like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz vacation (thank you Google), and there was this one rest stop where we got out to pee that had white water rafting (that was the place where we couldn't find the bathrooms, and ended up on the roof of the joint).
 miss ski town chick
but we had liked Denver, even if we were there for less than a day.
snap, chocolate muffins are good.

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